Kevin J. Zywna


Kevin J. Zywna

Kevin Zywna (Ziv-na) is President of Wealthway Financial Advisors. In this role he leads Wealthway’s team of financial advisors as they help clients enhance their quality of life through sound financial planning. With over three decades of experience in the finance industry, Kevin is ready to help you answer life's big questions and achieve the lifestyle you've dreamed of.

440 Monticello Ave., Ste. 1620
Norfolk, VA 23510


What Kevin Brings To The Table

  • Uncovering clients’ driving habits, behaviors, and dreams that impact the success of meeting their financial goals
  • Understanding the nuances of developing and executing a customized financial plan
  • Excelling at consulting clients to better understand the next steps in their financial plan process

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Professional Timeline


Renamed the firm to Wealthway Financial Advisors to better reflect the firm’s primary focus on financial planning and expertise for creating advanced financial solutions.


Purchased the firm upon the previous owner’s retirement and became President of Bunting Capital.


Rejoined Bunting Capital to provide the firm with succession and continuity.


Worked for a boutique multifamily office in Norfolk, VA as Vice President of Operations. In addition to serving as a primary contact for financial planning and investment counseling, he directed business operations, client service, and compliance.


Became a financial advisor at Bunting Capital Management. He and Dan Bunting worked together designing and implementing financial planning and investment solutions until 2003.


Career began in the personal finance arena, serving in various management positions for a multi-state credit union.

I found my calling when I found Financial Planning. After being in the banking industry, I became struck by the fact that there seemed to be a pattern that people who made a lot of money, didn’t have a lot of money. And people who didn’t make a lot of money, did have a lot of money. And then thought, well, there’s more than just making a lot of money, gets you a lot of money. It’s habits, and knowledge and strategies, and behavior. I became a Financial Planner because I wanted to teach people how to better manage their finances and achieve their lifestyle goals responsibly.

We believe clients are best served by a team of experts, not by one individual.