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With Wealthway Financial Advisors, you get the advantage of having a team of professionals who have earned their CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification working to develop and execute your personalized financial plan. We believe clients are best served by a team of experts, not by one individual.

More Than Financial Advisors, We Are Dream Makers

Wealthway Financial Advisors helps our clients use their money to its fullest to achieve their life dreams and maximize their quality of life.

Unlike other financial advisors who only focus on investments or product sales, the Wealthway Financial Advisor team develops customized financial roadmaps to help our clients answer life’s big financial questions.

Personalized Comprehensive Financial Advice At Its Best

As the premier financial planning firm in Hampton Roads, we pride ourselves on our ability to create completely customized financial advice tailored to your unique needs.  No two people’s life goals are the same.

Our team of certified financial planners® conducts a 360-degree assessment that examines all areas of your financial life: assets, liabilities, investments, accumulation strategies, tax planning, insurance policies, retirement design, estate planning and more. This analysis allows us to develop a personalized holistic financial plan just for you.

A Team Approach

With Wealthway Financial Advisors, you get the advantage of having a team of professionals who have earned their CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification working to develop and execute your personalized financial plan. We believe clients are best served by a team of experts, not by one individual.

For each client, our team collaborates to design the best strategies that maximize all your financial resources. Unlike an individual investment manager who looks to push products and build their book of business, the Wealthway Financial Advisors team approach eliminates bias in the planning process and puts our client’s needs and goals at the forefront.

We’re passionate about planning. More passionate about the possibilities it creates for you and your family.

Discover Your Path to Financial Clarity

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What Makes Wealthway Financial Advisors Different?

What We Are

  • ERegistered Investment Adviser (RIA)
  • EIndustry Leaders
  • EFiduciary Advisors
  • EComprehensive Planners
  • EGoal-Driven
  • EAdvice-Based
  • ETransparent & Unbiased
  • EBelievers in Client-Choice
  • EExperts in Investment Management

What We Are Not

  • EStockbrokers
  • EInsurance Salesmen
  • EThe "Steak Dinner" Guy
  • EThe "Big Box" Guy
  • EHidden Commissions
  • EHidden Agenda
  • EUnqualified
  • EProduct Pushers
  • EServant to an Investment Portfolio
  • ELocked into a Contract

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I’ve got a team there who’s got my back. They know me.

Gene Soltner
School Administrator

They really honestly wanted to help us. We could tell they had our best interest at heart.

Kitty & Barry Katz

The testimonials presented were voluntarily provided by individuals who were clients of Wealthway Financial Advisors at the time of production and are not paid endorsements. No compensation or other remuneration was provided in exchange for clients' testimonials. Quotes have been edited for length and clarity. Testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success.

The Nitty Gritty

Through individual consultation, we integrate personalized financial planning and expert investment management to deliver tangible, goal-oriented results.

If this sounds like the right process and approach for you, we’d love to help you start planning for your future.


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What is your service model?

Our firm works with clients on a long-term, ongoing basis. In exchange for our fee, we provide financial planning, investment management, tax planning, retirement planning, insurance analysis, and other financial advice.

We coordinate your planning with your other advisors such as tax preparer, estate planner, and insurance professional. Our fees are based on the assets we manage so our interests are aligned with yours.

What is an Independent Registered Advisory Firm?

As an Independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm, Wealthway Financial Advisors is regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Because we are independent, Wealthway Financial Advisors is not tasked with “selling” products owned by a parent company. There is no allegiance to a particular fund or investment product. Instead, Wealthway Financial Advisors is required to act in our clients’ best interests. Our team of financial planners are free to recommend financial strategies and investment products that best suit our clients’ financial objectives. This distinction strengthens our commitment to our clients.

Although we are independent, you can rest easy knowing your assets are protected because they are held by a third-party custodian. Our clients give us authority to manage their investments on their behalf, but they get web access to view their accounts whenever they chose and separate account statements to verify all transactions. This structure adds a layer of protection for your investments and peace of mind for you.

What does it mean to be held to a fiduciary standard?

As an Independent Registered Investment Advisory Firm, we are legally held to a fiduciary standard. This means our team is legally bound to make recommendations and take actions that are in our clients’ best interests. We work on our client’s behalf, as it should be. Further, we consider ourselves financial stewards who have the passion and discipline to protect your long-term interests and enhance your quality of life.

What does it mean to be a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional?

To obtain CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification, financial planners must meet rigorous education, training, and ethical standards as outlined by the CFP® board. The title of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is the highest level of competency in the financial planning industry achieved by only about 20% of advisors.

The CFP® mark is awarded after an advisor has passed a rigorous exam, achieved a minimum three years of industry experience, submitted to a background check, and agreed to be bound by a restrictive code of ethics including acting as a fiduciary.

At Wealthway Financial Advisors, all our advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. We keep our skills sharp through mandatory continuing education training and annual attendance at industry conferences.

Dollars & Common Sense

Listen to the latest episode of “Dollars & Common Sense”, hosted by Kevin J. Zywna, CFP®.

We offer objective, unbiased financial advice to listeners throughout Hampton Roads. Our goal is to provide you with the industry information and expertise you need, and nothing you don’t.

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