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2024 Retirement Trends in the United States

Retirement in the United States has shifted from a luxury to an integral phase of life, spurred by increasing life expectancies. Statistics indicate longer lifespans. Social connections, financial stability, and a sense of purpose are pivotal in navigating this evolving landscape, highlighting the need for proactive retirement planning strategies.

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Episode: 04-11-2023 | Credit 101

Hosted by Kevin J. Zywna, CFP® Dollars & Common Sense · Allison Dubreuil, Wealthway Financial Advisors: Tonight we're going to talk about one of the building blocks of personal finance. We're going to give you Credit 101 if you need a little refresher on what...

Episode: 08-09-2022 | College Funding

Hosted by Kevin J. Zywna, CFP® and Allison K. Dubreuil, CFP® Dollars & Common Sense · College Funding Kevin Zywna, Wealthway Financial Advisors:  Good evening. Not that I want to rush summer or anything, but I thought we would talk about a topic that is...

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