Cody W. Hawkins

Associate Financial Advisor

Cody W. Hawkins

Associate Financial Advisor
Cody joined Wealthway Financial Advisors as an Associate Financial Advisor in January 2023 and is currently working toward obtaining his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. As an integral part of client meetings, he helps prepare financial plans, organize follow-up actions, and implement planning recommendations. He contributes to our ongoing research on planning strategies, helpful resources, and processes as we continue to enhance our client service offerings.

440 Monticello Ave., Ste. 1620
Norfolk, VA 23510

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Professional Timeline


Joined the Wealthway Financial Advisors team.


Started his career in the financial services industry working with state government employees.

He primarily focused on financial education and creating retirement plans for educators in the Hampton Roads area. His previous experience helped him realize his passion for holistic financial planning.


Graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelors Degree in Public Policy and Administration.

We believe clients are best served by a team of experts, not by one individual.