Retirement Design

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The Concerning State Of Retirement Savings In The US

In this podcast we unpack the prevailing Investment Management Philosophy and Principles we ascribe to that position you for optimum long-term financial growth. Learn about the best vehicles to use or avoid as your dollars work to accumulate wealth and outpace inflation.

Episode: 06-27-2023 | Debunking Retirement Myths

Hosted by Kevin J. Zywna, CFP® Dollars & Common Sense · Debunking Retirement Myths What Is The Purpose Of Financial Planning? We are going to talk about some common retirement myths or misconceptions about retirement. What they are and how they are generally...

Episode: 06-14-2022 | Long Term Care

Hosted by Kevin J. Zywna, CFP® and Allison K. Dubreuil, CFP® Dollars & Common Sense · Long-Term Care Planning Allison Dubreuil, Wealthway Financial Advisors:  We had plans to talk about long term care planning today we'd like to keep this show focused on financial...

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