Andrea L. Rice

Associate Financial Advisor

Andrea joined Wealthway Financial Advisors as an Associate Financial Advisor in June 2022 and is currently working toward obtaining her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certification. As an integral part of client meetings, she helps prepare financial plans, organize follow-up actions, and implement planning recommendations. She contributes to our ongoing research on planning strategies, helpful resources, and processes as we continue to enhance our client service offerings.

Andrea Rice's Professional Timeline


Graduated from Old Dominion University with a degree in International Languages and Marketing.

2006 - 2018

Combined her passion for creating a positive and long-lasting client experience with fashion.


Transitioned to financial services as a Wealth Planning Associate with UBS, after 15+ years .

Her time there was spent creating financial plans for over 50 private wealth advisors in the NY metro area as well as working on various projects with the NextGen segment, Women’s Segment, and Global Visionaries. Her experience at UBS quickly taught her the importance of having a financial plan to accomplish your goals and dreams.


Joined the Wealthway Financial Advisors team.

When she’s not studying or working with clients, Andrea enjoys spending time with her two kids and partner Erik. Andrea grew up playing soccer and tennis and continues nurturing her love for athletics by attending her kids’ lacrosse and baseball games throughout the year. She is an avid reader and thoroughly enjoys trying out new recipes whenever possible.

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