What you would expect from a financial advisor...
but so much more.

The fact is, you can find financial information all over the Internet. A lot of today’s investment management is even computerized and becoming a commodity. Systems and processes have replaced random stock-picking and attempts at market timing.

Yet, much of the industry wants you to believe that investing is this complex, mysterious black box that only a Wall Street wizard in a suit and tie can decipher. (Not true.) So then, why should you work with a financial advisor?

Because what we offer isn’t just information, it’s knowledge. The difference? Knowledge is information that’s been distilled by experience.


    Wealthway exists to share our knowledge and proven planning process so you can experience lasting financial security for yourself.


Investing is important, of course. But a rate of return doesn’t give you the answers to life’s big questions – Am I saving enough? Can I afford college for my kids? When can I retire? How much can I spend without fear of running out? Will my spouse be ok if something happens to me?

That’s why we go well beyond investment management. Anywhere money touches your life we’ll be there to help you make the best decisions.


    You deserve to enjoy the inevitable, enduring wealth you’ve worked so hard for all of these years.

    You deserve to dream more now than you ever have and be excited about what your future holds.

    You deserve to protect and put to good use the assets you’ve accumulated.

    You deserve to live out your greatest aspirations with confidence and be proud of the legacy you’ve built.


    At Wealthway, our job is to make sure that happens.


Typically, our clients are pre-retirees, retirees, small business owners, and families with investable assets of $500,000 to over $5 million. But we welcome a conversation with anyone who is serious about obtaining financial security amidst any of life’s transitions.

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Wealthway Financial Advisors is an independent, Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) located in Norfolk, VA. Previously known as Bunting Capital Management and renamed in April 2018, Wealthway is led by President Kevin J. Zywna, CFP®. All of Wealthway’s advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ and legally held to a fiduciary duty. Members of the Wealthway team are industry experts, active members of their community, family-centric, and passionate about the premier services they provide to their clients.

About the CFP® Mark: The title of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is the highest level of competency in the financial planning industry achieved by only about 20% of advisors. The CFP® mark is awarded after an advisor has passed a rigorous two-day exam, achieved a minimum three years of industry experience, submits to a background check, and agrees to be bound by a restrictive code of ethics including acting as a fiduciary. We keep our skills sharp through mandatory continuing education training and annual attendance at industry conferences.

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